Our goal is to provide you the best Modular Home construction in the Northern Virginia area. We have over 40 years of custom construction experience. We know what you are looking for in a new home. Let us build a home for you that meets your needs and your budget. We can build you a new home, a modular addition or add-a-level to your existing home.

Our building area covers most of the Northern Virginia area. We have a home office in Purcellville. Our Purcellville office has two Modular Homes* on site. 

You can see just how well a Modular Home compares with all those other stick built homes on the market.

*Models are occupied and are not tourable.

Professional Building Systems Inc. (PBS) offers a wide variety of home styles from ranches and capes to two story and contemporary models. Floor plans from 1200 square feet to 5000+ square feet. If you don't find a design that suits you, we'll design a custom Modular Home just for you. We do all our custom designs in house with state-of-the-art computer aided 3D imaging software so you can see just how your new Modular Home will look.

We have been to their plant and built their homes. They are producing some of the best quality homes in the north east USA. Quality and reliability as well as versatility in standard and custom design were paramount in choosing Professional Building Systems as part of our team. PBS offers tours for the perspective home buyer so you can see

just how your home will be constructed.

Scroll down to 'HOW TO GET STARTED' for more information and preliminary pricing.

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Professional Building Systems, Inc.

72 East Maple Street
Middleburg, Pennsylvania
Visit the PBS web site at: www.pbsmodular.com
There is a wide selection of home designs and floorplans on the PBS website.
All these plans can be modified to meet your specific needs.

PBS offers many upgrades to their standard finishes. You can see their

'Product Information Guide'  HERE
If you find a plan that works for you, fill in the CONTACT US page on the
ShortHill Design & Construction website and list that floorplan.
We will send you a preliminary estimate to build it for you.

Modular Home Builders in Northern Virginia

How to Get Started

So, you've decided to build a new modular home but really don't have a handle on what is involved. How, exactly do you go about getting things rolling and what are your responsibilities in the process? How do I find a piece of property that is suitable for modular home construction? What do I need to do to the land to get it ready to build on? How do I go about getting a loan and what kind of a loan do I need? How much do I need to do and how much is the Contractor's responsibility? Who else will be involved in the process and how much will it cost?

Let us answer these questions for you.

Your best starting point would be to establish your actual financing capabilities for the project. I would suggest you get your credit scores, current liabilities and W-2's together and talk to one of our financial guides. They can establish the amount you qualify for on a full construction-to permanent loan which would allow you to purchase a lot and have the loan money in place to build the house. 

Once you have established your loan limits you can break that down to how much you can afford for the lot, the site development and the house itself. For example, lets say you have $250,000 to build the house excluding land costs and land development costs.

Be mindful that there will be some land development costs involved. These would include water and sewer hook-up or well and septic costs as well as a driveway, specific engineering fees associated with the lot and lot clearing if it is a wooded lot. You should plan on about $15000 if the lot has public water and sewer. If you get a lot that requires digging a well and a septic field, you should plan for about $25,000 in lot development costs.

For example:

Lot cost:                                     $ 150,000
Lot Development costs              $   25,000
Home costs                                $ 250,000
Total building costs                    $ 425,000
Prudent reserve                          $   20,000*
Total Loan Amount                    $ 445,000

*You may not need the prudent reserve but, it's best to have it in place just in case there are unexpected expenses along the way or you want to upgrade something or add porches, decks, dormers, etc.

Be mindful, when looking at the houses on our manufacturer's website, that the picture of a house may show an attached garage, front porch and dormers. These are NOT necessarily included the base pricing and will be an extra charge. The plans for the house will not show these extras. A two car garage will typically add about

$40,000 to the cost of the home. Other options will be priced upon request.

Once you have established your total loan qualification, you will want to start looking at lot prices in the area you wish to build. You can check any of our realtors and get a listing of the available lots in your area. You can contact one of them from here: 'Land and Financing'. Let them know you are planning on building a modular home with us and how much you are willing to spend on the property so they can show you lots that are suitable for modular construction within your budget.

The Realtor can explain weather the lots are finished, raw land or have some utilities in place. This will help determine how much land development will be necessary to build your home. Once we know these parameters, we can establish an accurate cost for the land development for you. 

We do have standard site location, wall check and final location engineering costs figured in our home building prices.Some properties will require additional engineering in order to build. We can refer you to local engineers familiar with local site engineering requirements. These engineering costs should be added to your site development costs.

Once you have established a realistic budget for a lot and lot development costs, this will establish the actual budget for the house. You can look at the available house plans and figure out how large a house you can afford.

Here are some 'Ball Park' prices so you can get a feel for what you can expect to pay for your new home. Understand that these prices are for budget consideration only. Final pricing will depend on the particular home you choose and the various finish levels you choose for the house. To see the basic specifications of what is included in our standard house package click on our 'Building Specifications' page. For accurate pricing, you will need to choose a specific floor plan, including options, and we will fully price it for you.

Estimated Park Pricing:

Ranch Home on a crawl space foundation                                      $ 180 per square foot of living space
    with baseboard electric heat (no Air conditioning) 

Ranch Home with a full basement and heat pump                         $ 200 per square foot of living space
    forced air heat and air conditioning 

Two Story Home on a crawl space foundation                                $ 164 per square foot of living space
    with baseboard electric heat (no Air conditioning)  

Two Story Home with a full unfinished basement                            $ 166 per square foot of living space

and heat pump forced air heat and air conditioning                     


For  a ranch home with a full basement and forced air heating and air conditioning at $200 per SF and you have $250,000 to spend on the house.
$250,000/$200 per SF = 1250 square foot (SF) house.

For a ranch home on a crawl space foundation and base board electric heat at $180 per SF
$250,000/$180 per SF = 1389 square foot (SF) house

Please go to the "Contact Us" page and fill out your information so we can call you and get your project underway!