We are putting together sustainable energy packages that we can make available to you. They will include such items as geo-thermal heating and air conditioning as well as on-the-grid solar power. We will be putting together these packages to price competitively with stick framed homes without these options.

With solar and geo-thermal we can produce a home for you that produces up to 85% of it's own power! That reduces your utility bills by up to 85%!!! This is an initial investment that can be recovered in about 5 years. With oil, gas and electric prices increasing the way they are, the recovery of the initial expense could be realized in a much shorter time in the very near future.

Call us and we will price a new modular home with a sustainable energy package that will, in the long run, save you huge money! When your neighbors are singing the blues about the rediculous money they are spending to run their homes, you'll be sitting back with the A/C cranked up knowing you are getting it for just about FREE!

Our homes are already 'EnergyStar' compliant. Our base package provides you with a great insulation package. This just adds to the quality of the home as well as your way of life. Think about it. If you socked away the money you are now spending on your home utilities into a bank account, how much would be there in ten years? Probably plenty to pay for your child's college education in cash and still have some left over. And you are not calling us right now because....?????

Call now! it's the responsible way to build for your future.