We aim to make the home building experiance as comfortable as possible for our clients. When you move into your new home, you should feel confident that everything was handled with the upmost care and consideration from start to finish.

Here are some testimonials from our clients.

Dear Short Hill Design & Construction,


Sarah and I have been very much enjoying our new modular home for the last few months. We had particular ideas in mind for what we wanted in our house, such as having apassive-solar design and choosing particular appointments that were not standard. You met all of our needs. We couldn't be happier with the way things turned out and the speed at which the job was completed.

The planning process was very thorough. We had considered sub-contracting the jobourselves, but your experience was certainly a welcome addition. The subcontractors that youhired were reliable and worked quickly. We could not have found as experienced subs. In addition, your knowledge of modular design and local regulations made things go very smoothly.

The advice you gave us was extremely complete, and though our meetings took some time, we all ended them with a much better understanding of the project due to time you spent to fully explain things. We also appreciate your advice on matters outside your scope of work. We feel that you take pride in having honesty and integrity by the way that you explained your contracts to us, the identification of potential pitfalls, and assessment of risks that we should know about.We are positive that the project would have been much more difficult, and probably moreexpensive, had we not hired you as a general contractor.

We admire your ability to work quickly under pressure. We apologize for demanding somuch of you due to the impending birth of our son. You were very understanding and worked well under pressure for us. For example, when trying to close our loan, we needed to get plans tothe bank ASAP to confirm financing and close the loan to prevent the seller from voiding our contract. You were able to work very quickly and effectively with us, the modular builder and the bank. You did not complain to us even though you were under a lot of pressure.

Once construction of our modules started, things moved very quickly. As I assume is not unusual, particularly when custom work is being done, there were a few hang-ups. For example,the kitchen counter came from the factory with some damage and the shower pan did not arrive on time. Your offer to personally go to the factory to acquire a new counter and shower pan really helped speed things along. Moreover, as soon as you arrived with these items you began installing them. Your diligence was appreciated, especially in view of our previous, less-than-pleasant experiences with other contractors working on our previous house.

As to the construction of the home, it is very solid. The few minor repairs that were needed were professionally handled by you personally. Your loathing of stink bugs became very apparent, not only when you stopped our meetings to shoo them outside, but when you personally sealed all cracks and gaps where they could possibly enter our home. We are pleased to report that your work did result in fewer unwelcome guests. The house has no creaks or squeaks and all fixtures work very well. The house works as it should.

To show our appreciation for the job well done and your availability via email and phone, even on weekends, we would like to return the courtesy. In particular, please feel free to provide our phone number and address to prospective clients so we can personally recommend your work. Finally, thank you Chuck for being the best contractor that we have dealt with.

Best regards,
Kevin and Sarah



Dear Short Hill Design & Construction

We wanted to express our thanks for a job extremely well done.  Please use us as a reference if you'd like and you may use this letter as a testimonial for potential clients, if you see fit.  This could get long-winded, so I'll say up front that you are the kind of contractor everyone hopes they will find, but rarely do.  We can't imagine a more pleasant contractor experience than you provided.  You, your men and the subs all went above and beyond!  The dramatic transformation of our home will be enjoyed for decades.  We couldn't be happier with the results.


Sincerely impressed,

Wendy & John

Below is our testimonial for anyone considering using your services:

Short Hill Design and Construction just completed a major transformation of the living end of our recently purchased older home.  It was by far the biggest contracting job we'd ever had done.  After turning away one very qualified contractor who was rude, pushy and controlling, we met Chuck and knew instantly that we wanted to work with him.  He is a fountain of building knowledge, takes pride in a job well done, enjoys what he does, and is good-natured and easy to work with.

Our job was scary (to us).  It involved removal of the central support wall holding up the roof of our modular ranch home. We wanted to open up the floor plan that was chopped up, dated and dark. With his modular home expertise, years of design and building experience, and tons of patience, he was uniquely qualified for the job.  We weren't totally sure what we wanted or if it was even possible to remove the offending wall, but he was able to work a post and beam support system invisibly into the design.  He cheerfully worked through several iterations, while we changed our minds daily.  We were able to visualize everything with his CAD drawings and eventually agreed on a great design.   We also knew we wanted some unusual, unique features, BUT at a reasonable price.  Through it all, Chuck never once tried to talk us up from our "frugal" budget.   He took our vague ideas, made suggestions, improved upon them and delivered a functional and beautiful laundry/mudroom and a bright, beautiful, unique living area with open spaces and a spectacular 2-sided fireplace in a free-standing stone wall.  A few of the architectural details (mostly involving windows and lights) were surprisingly inexpensive but made a huge visual impact.

We are avid do-it-yourselfers and wanted a contractor who would provide the same attention to detail that we would have.  Turns out Chuck and his foreman, Jose, are even pickier perfectionists than we are!  We couldn't find anything to complain about! Once the job started, it moved along very quickly, and the site was kept as clean (inside and outside) and livable as possible. Chuck also has long-term relationships with a variety of trusted sub-contractors who work with the same attention to detail that he does.

We hoped for a reasonable price, skilled work, and timely completion of the job.  We got all of that, but the extra care and consideration we got was unexpected and greatly appreciated. We had 2 main concerns about a lengthy renovation.  One was the stress that our 4 older cats would be subjected to.  The thought of struggling to trap them into one room with food and litter boxes every day for several weeks was keeping us up at night.  Instead of dismissing our concerns, Chuck came up with the idea of installing a temporary door (making only 8 small screw holes) at the end of the hall.  That left the whole bedroom end of the house for the cats to roam safely and comfortably and stay out of the way.  It was such a relief and made dealing with the chaos so much easier for all concerned.  Another concern was losing use of the washing machine for several weeks.  Chuck had the crew move the washer/dryer back into place and hook them up every Friday evening before they left!  That was way beyond the call of duty and we gratefully avoided the dreaded Laundromat! How many contractors out there care about reducing your stress level?  Not many.

We couldn't recommend Short Hill more highly.  We never expected a major renovation to be a pleasant experience, but it was.  We'd hire them again in a heartbeat. probably will!